Why BlueFire Wilderness Therapy Works

BlueFire Wilderness Therapy is a premier wilderness therapy program for troubled teens and teens struggling with emotional, social and behavioral challenges. We utilize a comprehensive approach to teen treatment based on research and decades of experience.

Teens ages 11 – 17 receive a leading and comprehensive adventure experience that can help them – and help the entire family.


What makes BlueFire Wilderness Therapy unique? Our strength is how we combine clinical expertise, adventure experiences, academic assessments and a family systems approach. We utilize highly trained staff, cutting-edge technology and the latest research to create the best environment for change .

“My wife and I are very grateful for Jon, our son’s Blue Fire Therapist . He gave 110%, was very wise, and extremely compassionate. Ultimately his greatness has reflected into my sons’ eyes and beautiful smile!”
Anonymous Parent

At BlueFire, we are raising the bar on clinical treatment in Wilderness Therapy

Our program incorporates:

  • More therapy as therapists are “in the field” with clients four days per week
  • Individual therapy two times per week. Group therapy four times per week.
  • A family-centered approach involving parents in a comprehensive program to reconnect the entire family through a family systems process
  • Weekly equine therapy to develop healthy relationships and improved communication
  • Base camps complete with yurts, cots, cooking center – all activities stem from this “home away from home” In the summer months they each have their own individual tent.
  • Adventure Therapy as an integral part of program to explore personal growth through a variety of new experiences
  • Technology used for video journals and video conferencing family therapy sessions

BlueFire Vision

wilderness therapyLife is a journey. Our comprehensive multi-faceted and clinical approach in the wilderness helps teens and their parents navigate this journey in a positive direction. We believe that through a balance of self-assessment, insight oriented therapy, outdoor living, adventure activities and academic focus these teens will find their true selves. We provide a supportive opportunity for parents and children to re-connect and strengthen their relationship.

BlueFire offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience for self-discovery and recovery. Ignite the spark in your child by calling us at 844-413-1999.

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